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Download RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt latest update

The RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt is an advanced software tool designed to improve the functions and performance of Qualcomm, LG, Android, Xiaomi, and other

 RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt: Enhancing Device Functionality and Performance

The RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt is an advanced software tool designed to improve the functions and performance of Qualcomm, LG, Android, Xiaomi, and other supported devices. This version comes with numerous bug fixes, a fully optimized tool layout, and the addition of some other features.

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What's New in RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt:

New Unlock Model (Factory Reset Protection - FRP) for Qualcomm Devices:

The RomFW Tool V1.1 introduces a new unlock model specifically designed for Qualcomm devices. Now, you can perform a factory reset and bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) hassle-free, saving you valuable time and eliminating the troubles of forgotten passwords or locked devices.

Custom XML Command (Advanced) for Qualcomm Devices in EDL Mode:

For advanced users, the RomFW Tool V1.1 provides the ability to execute custom XML commands in Emergency Download Mode (EDL). This feature offers greater flexibility and control over your Qualcomm device, allowing you to perform a wide range of operations and modifications.

LG Device Compatibility:

The RomFW Tool V1.1 expands its compatibility to include various LG devices, empowering users with more options to enhance their LG smartphones. The following LG models are now supported:

  • LG G7: G710
  • LG G8: G820
  • LG G8S: G810
  • LG G8X: V850
  • LG V30: H930
  • LG V30: V300
  • LG V40: V405
  • LG V40: V409
  • LG V50: V500
  • LG V50S: V510

Enhanced MTP Functions:

The RomFW V1.1 tool improves the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) feature by introducing two new additions: the General Active Browser and the Custom Active Browser. These additions enable smooth file transfer and management between your device and computer, providing a more convenient and efficient data processing experience.

Expanded Device Support:

In addition to Qualcomm and LG devices, the RomFW Tool V1.1 extends its support to many other popular brands, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Infinix, Vivo, and more. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of RomFW Tool on a wide range of devices, regardless of your preferred brand.

Flashing Capabilities for Xiaomi Devices:

The RomFW Tool V1.1 offers an exciting feature exclusively for Xiaomi device users. With the newly added Xiaomi Flasher, you can easily flash custom recovery, retrieve data, or flash other firmware files on your Xiaomi device, opening up a whole new world of customization possibilities.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

The "RomFW Tool V1.1" addresses numerous bugs and issues to enhance the overall stability and performance of your device. Major fixes include resolving the DPI issue for the screen, providing a fix for factory reset on Oppo A71 (CPH1801) devices, improving MediaTek functionality compatibility, and addressing various user-reported errors.


The RomFW V1.1 Tool is a game-changer for device owners seeking a powerful and reliable software tool. With the new unlock model, custom XML command capabilities, expanded LG device support, enhanced MTP function, expanded device compatibility, Xiaomi Flasher, and bug fixes, RomFW Tool V1.1 offers a comprehensive solution to improve your device's performance and unleash its full potential.

Download RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt:

File Name: RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt.rar

File Size: 159.35 MB

Compatible Operating System: Windows

Download Link: [Mediafire link]

In conclusion, the RomFW Tool V1.1 Rebuilt is a versatile software tool that brings significant enhancements to supported devices. It empowers users with new features, expanded device compatibility, improved functionality, and bug fixes, making it a valuable tool for optimizing device performance and unlocking new possibilities.

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